"You Bring the Want, We Will Show You the How"

Competition Coaches

Amy Brantner

Head Coach - Figure and Physique Competitor

I have been competing in physique competitions since Spring of 2013. I have placed 1st place 3 times, 2nd 2 times, 3rd, 3 times, 4th 3 times and 5th 1 time. In 2017 I won the Overall for Physique in a Natural Show. Competing has become a passion of mine and every year I just try to improve my physique.

 I believe in keeping health in this sport, you can train for competition in a healthy manner without the use of enhanced drugs and without ruining your metabolism. I would love to help you learn how to do this sport the healthy way while reaching your goals and looking your best on stage. If you would like to discuss the possibility of competing in a show please contact me at my email address below.


Mandy Vahlkamp

Head Bikini Coach - Bikini and Figure Competitor

I have been competing since the end of 2014. . I have placed 2nd four times, 3rd once, and 5th twice. I love stepping out on stage with confidence and pride in the changes I was able to make each show. 

I am a natural Coach, I believe you can achieve your ultimate level of fitness and physique without putting something harmful and your body. Competing can be overwhelming especially for the first time competitor, I do my best to take this out of the equation by walking my competitors through the process. 

I make sure workouts,diet, and posing are all on point throughout the process of training to ensure confidence and success when an athlete hits the stage. If competing is something you are interested in please contact me through the email below and we can sit down for a free consultation. 

Mica Johnson

Bikini and Figure Coach - Bikini and Figure Competitor

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