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Fitness Classes

Class Schedule Below and Passes Below

Our goal is to create a fun, positive atmosphere while providing you workouts that are constantly mixing it up, and keeping your body on it’s toes to avoid plateaus. The results are a leaner, stronger, heathier you! So whether you’re just trying to be healthier or improve your performance for your next marathon or triathlon, A Personal Fit's Fitness Classes are for you!

Our workouts are designed for every body, whether you’re young or old, male or female, or if you’re just starting out or are an avid exerciser. We have created workouts with low impact or low intensity options.

Every pass expires after  4 weeks, other than the cycling passes. 

Class Schedule - Subject to change, based on availability and class size.

Two Types of Pass

Single Purchase Passes expire 4 weeks from date of purchase. These passes do not include cycling classes and they do not automatically renew. Cost is around $5.25 a class

Membership Pass - Auto Renew Fitness Class Passes expire 4 weeks from date of purchase and renew automatically every 4 weeks. These passes do not include cycling classes. Cost is around $4.37 a class

Class Schedule