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Keto-OS is your “ketone operating system” it is the First Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market. The proprietary blend is owned by Prüvit and is Dr.Approved, Lab Tested, University backed and the technology in Keto-OS is patent pending, developed by one of the most world renown Dr.’s and experts on Ketosis. Prüvit was the first company approved by University of South Florida to acquire the sublicense rights to use this patent pending technology. It is a powder that you mix with 8=10 oz. of water. Within 15-30 minutes it puts your body into Ketosis. Prüvit owns the worldwide rights to Keto-OS. Keto-OS has a certificate of analysis for purity, consistence and efficacy

What are the benefits of Keto-OS
The benefits of ketones, and ketone supplementation are vast, and as research continues to expand, the list keeps growing. Currently, research support the use of ketones for the following benefits: 
• Weight loss 
• Blood sugar balance and enhanced insulin sensitivity 
• Increase satiety, and decreased food cravings 
• Improved energy levels, oxygen capacity, motor performance & athletic performance 
• Mostly due to the impact of ketones on enhanced blood flow, through vasodilation 
• Migraine treatment 
• Neuro-protective benefits in seizure disorders; ADHD; Alzheimer ’s disease, memory and cognitive function; Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis • Autism and improved behaviour and social impacts 
• Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II) 
• Stroke prevention; cardiovascular disease; metabolic syndrome management; improved cholesterol levels 
• Inflammation management 
• Endurance enhancement

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