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I walked into this not knowing what to expect. I never knew how much dedication it would take to train. My first posing, I was a wreck. And that's when I knew I couldn't do it. Many times, I wanted to

give up because there was no point in trying. I wouldn't have confidence because other girls were just that much better. I was shy and uncomfortable. I remember holding back my emotions in not wanting to compete. But it 16 weeks, I pushed myself harder, physically and mentally, to accomplish the goal I had set. And here I am, on stage, being proud of how far I came.

To APF, thank you for letting me be a part of this team and meeting such wonderful women.

To my coaches, Amy Brantner Mica Johnson Caro Schmitt-Cooley, thank you for being the most sup

portive people through this journey. Thank you Mandy Vahlkamp for being my foundation and having faith it me. I would have not get through it without you.

To my bestfriend, Kayla Panter thank you for pushing me to be a better me and being my other half. You dealt with my emotions and understood every bit of it. There's no one I would have rather done it with.

~Pulama N.

I want to truly thank each and every one of you that has supported me throughout my journey. Yesterday was amazing! I set a goal 6 months ago and I followed thru with it and exceeded my expectations. I've had the best team throughout this journey, all my APF girls👊 My coaches Carolin Z. Cooley, Mandy Vahlkamp and Amy Brantner thank you thank you! I could not have done this without all of you! Joe, you deserve an award for putting up with me and keeping me sane. I love you. You are the chocolate chips to my cookie! Seriously everything, thank you!

~Rachel K.

Let me start by saying I have read a few fitness testimonials in my lifetime. Always thinking to myself "Wow, way to go, or "Holy shit they look amazing" or my favorite "Is that the same person"? Well it is now my turn to expose my ugly truth.

I was truly over weight and in a bad place in life. Feeling unhappy, lonely, unattractive and lost I turned to the good ole comfort food. Yep, I was overeating, drinking and working a lot to fill the void. It wasnt until my divorce that I realize that I needed to take my life in a healthy direction. Purge the shit storm so to speak.

I turned to Amy Brantner/sister, trainer, gym owner and nutritionists for help. Now I know some think there is a special drink that taste terrible or a pill that makes you skinny or fairy dust out there but nope that's not the case. I was introduced to a healthy eating plan and consistent exercise routine. Yep there it is. I did what my amazing trainer told me to do. That's the secret my friends. Was it easy? No.Was it worth it? Yes!! Less than a year ago I said what my sister never thought I would say,"I think I want to train for a show". I competed in my first show two weeks ago and felt so empowered. I have never felt so strong, fit and happier in my life. I am so very thankful to Amy Brantner and all the trainers at A Personal fit for helping me succeed. My new goal is set and I am ready begin my training. I hope this will inspire others who are ready to make a change.

Step one..let go of whatever is unhealthy that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life.

Step two...get a trainer/ friend or in my case both to help you set your goals. May I suggest the trainers at A Personal fit.

Above all believe in yourself and know your worth it ;)

~Tanya Y.

APF Elite has truly been an amazing adventure for me! Amy Brantner and her team are truly amazing women who can empower you to be your best!

~Victoria C.

I joined APF Elite to compete in my first show (figure/physique)...I enjoyed it so much, I will compete in my 2nd show proudly wearing the team logo in November 2016...(and will compete again in the spring). The support, education, tips, atmosphere, and members made me feel welcome from day 1. A great experience made better because of the great trainers and coaches at APF. Thank you all!!! See ya in the gym!

~Tessa D.

What an amazing year and 4 months it has been for me. The pic on the left was taken January 12th 2015 and the pic on the right was taken this past weekend May 7th 2016at the Empire Classic. I have hit many goals along my road to a #healthier lifestyle and i can't wait to hit the other #goals I have now set for myself! A lot of blood sweat and tears were shed in the past 16 months to make this #transformation possible and they were all worth it!! This was all done by my hard work in the gym and in the kitchen no crazy diet or magic pill just hard work and #dedication! #health and #fitness have become such a big part of my life and I am really loving it!! I will never look back! You can do anything once you put your mind too it! Thank you to everyone who believed in me you are all amazing and i couldn't have done it without you! Loree Martinez Turner, Rhonda Turner-Smith, Brian Smith, Nick Martin, Paige Willingham-Lents, Aimee Turner- Livingston, Robbie K. Dunmead, Mandy Vahlkamp, Amy Brantner, A Personal Fit, APF Elite Team

#healthy #fitfam #girlswholift #cantoutrunyourfork #loveyourself#transformationtuesday #wontlookbackagain #herestoanotherep #fitness#competeeveryday #apf #npc #bikinicompetitor #empireclassic2016#cantwaitformynextshow

~Alex M.

I joined APF Elite in Oct 2014 after being a weight loss client of Amy Brantner's. My health and overall physique has changed for the better. My results have been amazing, which were accomplished w the coaching and the support from this amazing team. Competing should be a fun journey, not a miserable one where your health is in jeopardy. APF Elite walks you through (literally holding your hand) thru the process of competing. You bring the want, commitment and dedication and APF Elite shows you how. One life, one body, one lifetime!!!! I have met the most amazing dedicated teammates and the team atmosphere is what makes this experience so worth it. The physical results are fun too!

~Yvonne A.

I love our APF Team

Been going to Bootcamp classes since September 2013 and joined the elite team 6 month ago. I love the women, the friendships we have build, the trainers and the overall atmosphere in the gym.

I always look forward to my workouts !!!

~Ute R.

Have been working out with A Personal Fit and have always enjoyed class and the people there! Becoming a part of the APF Elite team this Fall made me fall in love with fitness and them even more! They are motivating in a good/healthy way and encourage great team camaraderie!

~Vanessa A.

I want to thank the best trainers in the whole wide world, Amy Brantner and Miranda Downs. You have pushed me and helped me become the best version of me. You have helped me challenge my limits and reach beyond dreams. You inspire me every day and because of you I didn't give up. Thank u for all u do! You are amazing women!!!!

~Sharon H.


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