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What to expect when you join our team

We are a completely all natural team, we teach our girls how to change their bodies the healthy way. No extreme diets, steroid use, or any sort of performance enhancement drugs. Your personal Coach will help you learn how to diet properly without ruining your metobolism and create personalized workouts based on what you need to work on for your competition class. We make sure you are competing for the right reasons, which is not for a trophy (which is nice, but not a reason to do a show) but help you to transform your body to the best it can be.

Your health does not have to be forgotten when prepping for shows and we can show you how. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We are an all natural team (no illegal substances used, performance enhancement drugs)

* No Extreme Peak Weeks, No Perscription Diueretics

* Workouts and Diet Plan personalized to you, no cookie cutter plans or extreme diets that mess up your metabolism

* Support throughout the entire process

* Great team atmosphere

* Backstage support at local shows (we can discuss options to help backstage for shows that are not local)

* We are also focusing on Natural Shows this way you have a level playing field when you step on stage (mandatory polygraphs and drug screens)

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