"You Bring the Want, We Will Show You the How"

8 Week Fat Loss Challenge (4/22/18-6/17/18)
Chance to win $1000** both Male, Female, and Partners
Limited to 100 People - Entry Deadline is 4/17/18 (No entries accepted after deadline)

This is a Fat Loss Challenge, Not a Weight Loss Challenge

Winner is chosen based on % of Body Fat Lost and % of Inches Lost

Info & Prizes

Contest Dates 4/22/18-6/17/18

Three Divisions




You can only enter in 1 division.

Entry Fee (1 time fee no other fees)

Single Entry Fees   

  • Early Bird Price $190 (signup and pay by 4/8/18) 
  • Reg Price $240 (signup and pay by 4/15/18)  
  • Late Reg Price $290 (signup and pay by after 4/17/18

Partner Entry Fees***   

  • Early Bird Price $320 (signup and pay by 4/8/18) 
  • Reg Price $370 (signup and pay by 4/15/18)  
  • Late Reg Price $420 (signup and pay by after 4/17/18

1st Place  - $1000**

2nd Place  - $250**

3rd Place  - 4 weeks unlimited classes

**Must be at least 10 participants in your Gender for single entries in order to win $1000 for 1st place and $250 for 2nd Place, anything less than 10 participants in your gender the prize will be based on 50% of entry fees for 1st place and 15% of entry fees for 2nd place. Must have at least 6 couples in the partner division to be eligible for the $1000 prize, otherwise 1st place is 50% of entry fees and 2nd is 15% of entry fees for that division.

***Partners: this is for couples or friends. You must understand that you win this based on both of your results and that you share the prize. 

Raffle Drawing Prizes given at Party (Must be present to win)

How to earn raffle tickets:

  • 1  raffle ticket for every point you receive. You will be given a points sheet at your orientation that shows how you earn points.

What is included

A Personal Fit

  • 16 Fitness Classes and 4 Cycling Classes or 20 Fitness Classes
  • Personal Coach
  • Weekly Nutritional Guidance
  • 20% Personal Training and Nutritional Services
  • Workout Plan
  • 2 Body Composition Analysis/Muscle-Fat Analysis/ Obesity Analysis/Segmental Lean Analysis/ECW-TBW Analysis/Fitness Score/BMR/Visceral Fat Analysis/Girth Measurements (These are done at Initial and Final Weighin) 
  • 20% off any extra tests during contest.


  • 20% off of Massages with Sharon Harris located here at A Personal fit   509-868-2169

Sunny Buns

  • Buy 1 Month Get 1 Free (w/Free Red Light)
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Versa or Air Brush Spray Tan
  • 20% Off of Lotions
  • ***If you continue your membership after the challenge your startup fee will be waived and 50% off on Silver and Bronze Packages

Rules and Regulations

Mandatory Dates & Times (No exceptions)

Orientation - Sunday 4/22/18 at 6:30am

First Weigh-in - Sunday 4/22/18 starting right after orientation estimated for 7:00am

Final Weigh-in - Sunday 6/17/18 - 7:00am (you will be scheduled with your team)

Final Party - Friday 6/22/18 - 7:00 pm

**All the above dates are Mandatory, if you do not make any these you will not be eligible for any of the prizes.

All Weigh-ins will be held at A Personal Fit

1300 N Mullan Rd - 509-868-0895

Final Party - Must Be Present to Win Prizes

Friday 6/22/18 to be determined 7:00pm

Please download the following Apps before orientation:

APF App - This app will help you stay in the know of what is happening at APF and we can send you notifications to remind you of different events or class changes.

Android and Iphone link:  https://app.appinstitute.com/apersona

MyFitnessPal to log your food and share your nutrition info with your personal coach

Android: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/mobile/android

Iphone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myfitnesspal/id341232718?mt=8

Current Clients that are on a contract for Unlimited Classes on a contract,  You will receive $60 credit on your account. If you currently have any other auto-renew pass and would like to cancel it during the challenge please email us at [email protected], otherwise you can use both passes at the same time. Thank you.

*****Fill out the form and below and pay to reserve your spot! Single Registration is $190 and Partner Registration is $320 until 4/8/18.*****

Step 1: Fill out form below based on single or partner entry

Step 2: Click on the Click Here to Pay link

Step 3: Come back to the entry form and complete by clicking on the submit button

***You will receive your manual and instructions the week before weighins, make sure to put [email protected] on your safe senders list.