"You Bring the Want, We Will Show You the How"

Class Instructors

Amy Brantner - CFT/SFN/Owner - Instructor of Extreme Camp, Boot Camp, Strength Camp and HIIT Butts & Guts

I am a mother of 2 teenage boys and love any activity outdoors. My husband and I opened A Personal Fit with the goal of helping as many people as we can to become healthier and more fit by offering a wide range of services that can fit within most budgets. 

I love teaching classes, I am here to help you reach your goals so I push you past your comfort zone so you see results. No matter what your fitness level is I can help you to get results and push your body to its max. Most of our clients say I am tough but still have a smile on my face when I kick their butts. 

Adan Pereyda - CFT and Certified Group Instructor - Strength/Agility Class, Boot Camp and Strength Camp

Hello, I'm one of the newer group trainers soon to be personal trainer.  I was born and raised here in Spokane, many I'm sure know that Amy is my mother. Funny enough this wasn't part of my plan becoming a trainer, so much, that I would joke about it as my mom started this business. But as being one of those active people all my life playing all kinds of sports (football most of all) I needed to find a way to enjoy life and enrich it with activity. It wasn't until I had a ACL injury did it leaded me on this path. After treatment and lots of flailed attempts to recapture my past I started to get in the dumps. Gaining lots of weight and overall becoming lazy. Finally I had enough tho realizing that this wasn't the end of my athletics, taking my moms teachings I soon applied them to myself. Now 2 years later I have dropped 50lbs and pursuing a natural a bodybuilding career! Now dedicated to helping others make achieve their goals and enrich their life with fitness as it has for me!"

Debbie Aitken - Instructor of Cycling and Boot Camp

Debbie believes that everyone of every age should get out and get moving in some way, shape or form everyday. A body in motion, stays in motion. She definately keeps her body moving, taking care of her 12, 10, and 5 year old kiddos, along with teaching Cycling and Bootcamp classes. She keeps her focus on God, family and fitness, and believes in living a well balanced life! Come join Debbie in one of her heart pounding classes for a great workout; your body will thank you when you are done.

Mandy Vahlkamp - Instructor of Extreme Camp, Strength Camp, Boot Camp, Lunch Crunch

I have been a trainer for boot camp class at A Personal Fit for about two years. I typically teach the 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM Boot Camp class on Tuesday morning and occasionally Friday strength class. My  goal, when creating a workout, is to make it challenging enough for those with a high fitness level but to also make sure there are modifications for people with injuries or for someone who has just getting started in their fitness journey. I want everyone to feel like they accomplished what they came for and successful when they leave. I love the comradery and motivation each person brings to the class. Whether a person is  aware of it or not anyone can be the motivation for another to push through even when they're tired or sore. This is why I love the Boot Camp class environment. I've also started to teach our newest class "Lunch Crunch" at 12:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is one of my favorite classes because it is a high level of intensity and encourages people to push past what they thought were there limits and reach new goals.
Merrilee Downs - Certified Barre Instructor

At the young age of six, after climbing, jumping and swinging all over my parent’s house, my mother decided to take me to gymnastics class. I loved gymnastics and continued to train and compete all through high school and at age 13 received the Pennsylvania State Champion award. I also attended dance class that was taught by my mother’s mother who was a certified ballet and dance instructor. After High School, I moved to Las Vegas and attended UNLV and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. After graduating from UNLV I relocated to Spokane, WA and have lived here for over 25 years. I love this part of the country and am proud to call this home now. After relocating to Spokane, WA I attended Eastern Washington University and obtained by Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Go Eags!! I have been physically active all my life and always thought I was in pretty good shape. About six years ago I was introduced to Amy Brantner at A Personal Fit, and I remember that evening very well. I took a bootcamp class with Amy that evening and Wow, what a work-out!! I was hooked right away, I loved that class! Since that evening I have continued my fitness journey with Amy and all the trainers at A Personal Fit. In July of 2015, after a little coaxing from Amy, I committed to competing in a bodybuilding competition in the Figure and Physique categories. This commitment truly changed my life!! I saw exercise and dieting in a whole new way! I learned so much about good nutrition and clean eating that it has become my lifestyle. I encourage anyone that has struggled with dieting and exercise over the years to stop by A Personal Fit and meet with a trainer. It will truly change your life!

Miranda Downs - CFT, Instructor of Boot Camp, Strength Camp, Lunch Crunch and Yoga

Nicole Mains Instructor of Cycling & Extreme

Nicole enjoys music, wake surfing, lifting and hiking. Her motto is "Always looking forward, because we are never turning back!" She is the mother of a 5 year old son who also enjoys staying active and the outdo
ors. Nicole believes in instilling lifelong fitness to help you live your years to the fullest!
Come join Nicole in her exhilarating Cycling and Extreme Classes!

Mica Johnson - CPT, Marketing Manager, Instructor of Barre, HIIT, Strength Camp, HIIT w/KIDS

Mica loves teaching and enjoys getting to know the people that come to her classes. While she absolutely loathes cardio, she really enjoys her HIIT classes because she gets to sweat along with everyone else and motivate them while trying to talk herself into "20 MORE SECONDS!" One of her favorite classes is HIIT w/KIDS because she has seen the effects that fitness and having an active lifestyle has had on her own 2 boys. Her boys spent a lot of time sitting and watching their Mom's classes while playing on their phones. She knew they were active; running and playing at recesses and some organized activity during PE - but still she thought there had to be a way for them to learn how FUN fitness classes could be. She is hopeful that through this class, kids will grow up making fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle a habit and a priority. What better way to instill health in your children then to START NOW and share this important piece of your life.

She also enjoys her Barre classes and the people she has met while teaching them. Barre gives you a look into the small muscles that we don't tend to work during other sorts of strength training and it is those muscles that help to support and secure the ones that we rely on everyday.